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Roll forging machine

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roll forging machine

Product description

D42-1600 type two-bearing roll forging machine is the forming process which introduces rolling deformation into forging production. It is belongs to rotary compression molding equipment. Roll forging can be divided into blank making roll forging and forming roll forging. Blank making roll forging is the roughcast making process before forging, and it can provide the roughcast in forging for long-axis type. The forming roll forging can realize the main forgings’ forming course or the direct production of forgings.

D42-1600 type roll forging machine’s forging parts are installed between the two machine frames’ bearings. The forging roller has greater stiffness. Electric motor drives the flywheel by triangle belt. The flywheel and the single disc friction clutch are put on the firs rolling bearing. The single disc friction detent is fixed on the flywheel’s other side of the firs axis. By the action at the same time of electric controlled clutch and detent which means to the clutch combination, the detent is opened, the spiral actions are delivered by the flywheel’s clutch to the first unstuck axis, and the delivered from gearings to the below roller. The upper and below rollers realize that the up and down gears rolling at the same speed in reverse directions by four gears transmission.

The main features of this equipment:

1. the equipment’s structure is simple and convenient to operate; it has manipulator which can realize automatic production. 
2. The accessories with long axis have large thickness differences. The forgings with geometric shape can adopt primary forming process, and arrange the form with the forging equipments with small capacity. Because the roller’s high speed, the primary forging and last forging can be finished at one time. This production line has high production efficiency, less investment, and produces the high quality forgings.
3. Less material consumption. The ordinary material utilization rate is over 80% which can save the raw materials. 
4 .High production efficiency; and reduce energy consumption
5. Good mechanical properties, high fatigue-resistant life
6. Reduce the beating pressure of forging motor and increase the forging life. 

D42-1600 type roll forging machine’s main technology parameter:

1. Center distance of roller: 1600mm (middle roller’s effective width: 1600mm)
2. middle roller’s maximum rolling length (2700mm)
3. Roller adjusting volume: 30mm
4.  Roller’s rotate speed: 6r/min
5. Forging square billet’s side length 260 mm
6. Main motor’s power   220×2kW
7. Total weight of equipment: 135kg

This machine is especially suitable for rolling Train Bridge’s slide support abutment, train’s end of hook frame; internal combustion engine connecting rod and crankshaft for large ship; the front axle of heavy-duty trucks. It is also suitable for the rolling of titanium alloy blade and the other ultra-thin forgings.

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