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Series Motor Direct Driven Screw Press

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Series Motor Direct Driven Screw Press

Product description

J58 Series Motor Direct Driven Screw Press

J58 series electric screw press is a kind of forging equipment with excellent technology applicability. This press is not only used in hot forging but also used in finish forge and finishing;not only used in stainless steel double bottom pan welding technology, but also used in the finish forging of titanium alloy lamina and other laminas. Owning the simple structure, small volume, short transmission chain, convenient operation, safe run, and small quantity of maintenance, the press can set precise strike energy, show the strike power, reduce machine stress and heat-touch time of the mould and prolong its life span.

This press has been applied for state patent product, the patent number is ZL 2005 2 0012542.7
In the case of the screw press with direct drive, the rotor of the drive motor is directly connected to the fly-wheel and the screw.

Special features:

Precision forging unit with high energy consistence and without kinematical fixed bottom dead centre

High working capacity Press frame combined of several cast parts prestressed by four tie rods.

Screw made from high-alloy CrNi steel, nut from special bronze Optimum thread shape.

Memory-programmable control system with operator guidance, product data administration and modern for remote diagnosis.
The optional frequency converter increases the repeatability of the blow energy and the efficienc


Main Technical Parameter of J58 Series Motor Direct Driven Screw Presses

Model Nominal 
J58-400 4000 40 420 24 800×650 800×670
J58-630 6300 56 535 21 900×680 900×800
J58-630A 6300 80 535 21 900×680 900×800
J58-1000 10000 112 560 16 1030×800 1000×900
J58-1000A 10000 160 560 16 1030×800 1000×900
J58-1600 16000 180 650 12 1250×930 1250×1090
J58-2500 25000 500 700 14 1450×1400 1250×1400
J58-4000 40000 800 700 9 2200×1330 2200×1600

J58-6300 clutch type electric drive screw press is a new forging equipment combining clutch type electric drive screw press with electric drive screw press, which is designed and developed during the forging job for many years. Its starting current is small and its energy reserve is large. Clutch type electric drive screw press has gained National Invention Patent (Patent number: 200810215839.1)

J58-6300 clutch type electric drive screw press includes framework, drive motor installed on the top of framework, clutch flywheel driven by drive motor, clutch fixed on the clutch flywheel, friction disc revolved after clutch engagement, electric flywheel fastened with friction disc and driven by electric motor, screw fastened on the electric flywheel, and slide block with internal thread installed under the screw. Clutch type electric drive screw press has big blow energy, wide range of craft application (equivalent to the KP8000 hot forging press), strong reliability and safety, long using life and low total power of motor. It can be widely used in pressure processing and forming technology. 
Prominent characteristics in forging of the equipment:
1. The beating speed can be selected according to the deformation rate needed by work piece.
2. Effectively solve the problem of reciprocation forces of spiral single-side of clutch type electric drive screw press (that is to say the underside and top of screw gear can not be lubricated and cooled during the beat and backhaul); meanwhile, it solves the problem of small deformation of electric screw press.
3. Craft application is wide. This equipment can be used in hot forging, but also in precision forging and finishing, and the precision forging of titanium alloy blade. It has the features of short transmission chain, safe running, and convenient operation. Its beating ability can be accurately set and displayed. You can adjust the energy and beating power according to the molding precision to reduce the mould’s mechanical stress and thermal contact time, which can prolong the mould’s using life. 

J58-6300 type clutch type electric drive screw press’s main technology parameter: 

Nominal pressure     63000 kN
Moving part’s energy     1600 kJ
Slide block’s maximum stroke     800 mm
Number of strokes    10 times/min 
Maximum height of filling     1150 mm
Working table (front to back × left to right)   2000×1800  mm 
Slide block’s underside (front to back × left to right)   1800×1500  mm 
Main motor’s power    132×2 kW    220×2 kW
Total height of machine   11500 mm
height above the ground   8800 mm
Total weight   52000 kg

This machine is especially suitable for train’s bridge support abutment, slide support abutment, train’s end of hook frame, soleplate of train steel track; internal combustion engine connecting rod, crankshaft and steam valve for large ship; drill head and ferrule for oil drilling rig and the other large forgings (the weight is about 250 kg). It is also suitable for the precision forging and finishing of titanium alloy blade and the other ultra-thin forgings.

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